For the Air Conditioning Industry

FC34 Flex Coupling

This is an example of the primary use of the FC34.  When servicing a 3/4" PVC condensate drain that has become blocked, cut the line and, after service, install the FC34.  Since there is a "no stop" coupling, you can slide it entirely on the pipe.  Then realign the pipe and position the FC34 and tighten the clamps.  This saves time over the PVC glue fitting and allows easy access to service again.  It also clearly shows this to be an identifiable access to those who may come after.

As you know, one of the most troublesome place for blockage in the condensate drain system are the P traps.  When P traps are mandated on heat pumps or roof top, or other pull through equipment styles, it is an excellent choice to use the flex couplings on the new installation.  Certainly it is always a good idea to reinstall a trap after servicing by using the "FC34".

Ever need any 18 degree PVC elbow?  How about a 9 degree or a 34 degree?  There are times, you can be sure, where a flexible fitting will save  you a lot of time and make a neater fit when trying to connect in a tight place.

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